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Getting Started

This is our beginner's guide to domain name registration/transfer and web hosting.

Domain Name Registration

Your website will need a domain name and a web hosting account in order for the pages to be accessible to users on the internet.

A domain name is the address via which users will be able to find your website, e.g. google.com, bbc.co.uk, you can check if a domain name is available to register via a domain name search.

If your desired domain name is available you can register it for a set number of years and will be informed when your domain name is due for renewal.

Domain Name Transfer

Transferring your existing domain name from another provider is done in different ways depending on whether your domain name is a national (e.g. .co.uk) or international domain (e.g. .com).

For a UK domain name the transfer process is quite straight-forward. You will need to instruct the current registration company to change the IPS tag to the word 'EXTEND' - many hosting providers, including 111WebHost - allow you to do this yourself via a control panel. Once this is done the domain name can be easily transferred by ordering a domain name transfer in the purchasing process.

For an international domain name, e.g. .com/.net/.org, the process is different. You will need to unlock the domain name with its current registration company - this can usually be done via a domain name control panel - then the request to transfer the domain name can be made. Once requested an email will be sent to the domain name administrator's email address from ICANN or a third-party representing them. The instructions for completing the transfer will be contained within this email

if you have email accounts on your domain name with your old provider, be sure to back them up prior to transferring the domain name as these will be lost once the domain has transferred over. To back up your email, take a look at this guide: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/software/how-back-up-your-email-3421835/

Not Transferring the Domain Name

Alternatively, the domain name can be left with the registration company and be re-directed to point to the website's hosting account.

This can be done by either updating the 'A' record in the domain name's DNS settings or by updating the Nameserver details.

To update the DNS to point the 'A' record to 111WebHost, first login to your web hosting account and then click on the link to the Temp Address, this can be found on the right-hand side of the Hosting Control Panel. This address starts with an IP address (e.g. Use this IP address as your new 'A' record address for the domain name.

To update the Nameserver to point to 111WebHost, contact or login to the domain name provider's control panel and update the Nameserver information to:

  • ns1.111webhost.com
  • ns2.111webhost.com

Web Hosting

The web hosting is the physical server space that your website's files will run from.

Like your PC's hard drive the server hosts the files that make up your website, these usually end with .html or .php, the server has special capabilities that allow for website technologies to be run, these may include writing data to a database (also stored on the hosting server) or sending an email from a web form.

The web server is permanently connected to the internet to ensure that when a user visits your website the files are always available to view.

At 111WebHost we offer a range of web hosting packages designed to suit different client needs, we have a low-cost budget pack, an unlimited web space and bandwidth pack and specialist packages designed for popular web-based software such as WordPress. You can see all of the packages available along with current prices in the Web Hosting section.

Hopefully this guide will have proven helpful to you, but if you still have questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact our support team.